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Do you offer MT4/MT5 Accounts or Terminal?

No. MT4 is the current execution platform for the program provided by brokerages regulated by FCA London.

Does STG provide trading accounts for clients?

No. STG is not a brokerage to offer trading accounts for clients.

Who is your Liquidity Provider?

STG has signed up with FCA London regulated prime of prime LPs for large volume trades. 

How safe is the fund?

STG maintains segregated bank accounts for client funds as required by the regulatory framework.

Do you have a CRM?

Yes. STG offers a client portal with detailed trade reports and time stamps from the MT4 server, including funding and withdrawal history. More tools will be added as required.

What is the onboarding process?

STG follows the standard financial sector client onboarding steps. KYC/identity and address proofs, background check and fund source verification as part of the process. A client can onboard directly with our associate brokerages, regulated by FCA London.

Who is an eligible client?

Governments, Corporates, Family offices, Private equity, Wealth/Pension funds and accredited investors.

What is the minimum investment?

A minimum of US$ 50,000 is required in 2024. We expect a revision to US$ 100,000 by the beginning of 2025.

What are your Fees?

STG charges 2% of the principal amount as the Annual Management fee and 20% of the profits generated through the program as the Performance fee.

Is there a trading commission?

STG does not charge a commission on trades, in line with advisory guidelines. STG may charge in the future, which will be informed to the clients well before time.

What is the product credibility?

STG has invested 4 years in product development and validation through a white label partnership by integrating advanced technologies into the product covering areas of risk management, fastest trade execution, integrating virtual private server and a live command center for monitoring the entire structure 24/5 by trained professionals.

What is the core team skill?

The STG founders unitedly hold 55 years of financial market trading and technology engineering experience.

What is the estimated cost of this project?

The cost of operations is estimated under 20% of its revenue year on year.

What are the restrictions for onboarding clients?

STG does not onboard clients from any country that is not approved or black listed by the regulatory authority. 

What is the funding and withdrawal process?

STG accepts and transfers funds in US Dollars only via direct bank wire. The trading account for the program can also be opened with the regulated brokerage appointing STG as your project manager, funding to the broker's segregated client account and withdrawals in the same route. 

What is the leverage and risk involved?

STG uses 1:100 leverage and limits the risks under 10% of the total fund (capital & profits) executing only 3 to 5 trades in a month.

What is the growth plan for this project ?

Phase 1 (first quarter of 2024 onwards) STG offers the Automated Trading Program as a fintech service. Phase 2 (estimated by early 2025) STG will test and validate as a fintech product, combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the program aimed for financial institutions and regulated fund managers.

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